A Progress Report on “Witchcraft Power and Transformation…”


We don’t have a book yet, but we have a cover!


With great joy, gratitude, and excitement I share with you the final design for the book cover for Witchcraft Power and Transformation. There are not enough words to thank Steph Sparks for that beautiful cat with the magical eyes, Mia Pak for the gorgeous graphic design, and Rachel McCauley for the photo. These women have freely given their time and talent to help make my first major writing project a success. Scott Barnes gave his time to read the manuscript and gave me permission to print his glowing response beneath my bio.





The manuscript is once again with the formatter for some important changes. After then it will go to my editor again for review to fix anything which may have gone wrong from the formatting process. The expertise of these professionals is vital to creating a professional work. Learning to allow for turnaround time has been a tremendous lesson in patience for me.

By the way, I’m looking for another person to review the manuscript next time I get it back. If you have proofreading skills and would like to help get this project launched, please let me know. I love my book cover, and I hope you like it too. Your feedback is very welcome.

Virtual hugs and kisses to all.