Here’s a poem for you from my heart. It comes with the intention of providing inspiration as you cope with challenging and divisive times. Blessed be.

I Am Drunk on the Wine🍷

                Of Life


My mind and soul are drunk

On the sweetness of sunshine

And possibilities.

Divine love

fills me with joy and sorrow

all at once,

And leaves me longing for justice.


Why have I settled for less?

I have wagered my soul,

My very soul,

Against the fear of standing out,




Sold my soul

And tried to buy quiet oceans

With the betrayal price.

But it’s a scam.

The sea storms swell in rage,

Redoubling like the crescent moon.


Life was meant for embracing.

The dark, the wild, the winds

And the mother of the winds.


You know how old cart drivers

Used to manage donkeys

With sticks and carrots?

I won’t be a donkey anymore.

I am drunk on the wine of life.