feels like being a fetus whose amniotic fluid is thick gravy. I can move, but barely.

“God, why am I so tired?” My friends and I say.

“The world is vibrating at a higher frequency,” they tell us. “Our bodies are catching up.”

And I believe them, partly because that’s exactly what it feels like.

An Apologist for Woo

I happily accept the explanation. In my circles, we’ve been talking about the unfolding new paradigm since the 70s. Since then, I have become an unapologetic apologist for woo. I like it because it is what it purports to be, woo—subject to vagaries, misunderstanding, disagreement, and misapplication. You never have to deconstruct your woo. You just move on to the next thing that calls you.

It delivers, if you know how to work it. Bliss, spiritual enlightenment, and communities of people committed to living in alignment with their higher values. Even among such stellar compatriots the normal human frailties arise. All we can do is to have compassion for them, and be as respectful of each other as we can without sickening sweetness. Of course, my taste for sweetness between people has changed over the years. I’m so grateful for those in my life who have shown me how delicious humans can be with each other, and how I have always longed for that flavor. 

People of every culture must have moments of merely putting on the show. We in the West were blown away when we discovered what ‘namaste’ meant on a spiritual level. I have been told they throw it around like they’re saying ‘hi’ in India. There’s ‘aloha,’ too. In this case, though, the Hawaiians have done well to communicate what it means. To greet you or to tell you goodbye is to say I love you.The point is, these populations hold a shared value as the starting point for their social practice. That value is connection,

Now, I don’t really want to believe in woo. I, who am fond of saying, “I don’t believe in believing.” But I chose it. Maybe you don’t choose your gender or your sexual orientation, but I got to choose this world view, and I continue repeat that choice over and over. It seems woefully naive and unsophisticated of me. I would really like to be more scholarly. My ego wants to hold court and discuss philosophies, theologies, and all sorts of grand theories–and to do so on a sound academic basis. But alas, I choose joy, and woo is where I find it.

Atheists, Woo, and Those on a Continuum from Agnostic to Woo

I live a happier life in a community dedicated to joy than in one dedicated to ideology. The people I hang out with fall into the categories delineated in the section title above. We are not people of the book, unless it’s a songbook. How much about the forces that created our universe are we capable of understanding with our advanced primate brains? You see, once you open your mind to the possibility that everything you see is a trick done with smoke and mirrors, it’s game over. You’ve won.

Start looking at the world through the eyes of woo, and what wonders you will see. There even comes a time when there are no more coincidences in your life. I like living this way. So I buy into the narrative that this elevation to the new frequency is sapping my energy. Because my energy is surely sapped.

But here I am, happily ensconced on my couch-throne where I live my life. Where I’m going to make a video, and I don’t even care if you see what a mess I am. I’m writing my truth, thus fulfilling my life’s purpose. And I don’t even care that I was too tired to do anything I needed to do today.

It is well with my soul. Maybe I’m like that weird little fetus floating amongst the planets at the end of the movie, 2001, A Space Odyssey–a brand new possibility in the universe? What if you’re that, too? Maybe we could even work together towards building a world culture whose shared value would be ‘connection.’