Tarot cards not only advise about the past, the present, and possible future outcomes, they also convey valuable life lessons. The major arcana, read in order, tell a story called “The Fool’s Journey,” the path from pre-birth to psychological and spiritual self-actualization. If I had to choose a single ‘magical’ item, it would be a tarot deck. I think you could learn to lead a satisfying life by studying the meanings of the cards.

Before studying Witchcraft, the idea of a Mother Goddess intrigued me, as did the possibility of reclaiming the title “Witch.” However, divination and magic seemed superstitious and anti-intellectual. I was skeptical of things like astrology, tarot readings, and casting spells. I decided to take a fresh look at the practices associated with witchcraft after my first Goddess ritual, which was a shock to the system. I experienced a profound spiritual revival that left an indelible imprint on my life and expanded my curiosity about divination. Our predecessors survived and populated the planet because they were adept at gathering and using knowledge from their environment. Why settle for only five senses?

It no longer surprises me when the tarot cards get things right. It’s happened hundreds of times over the last twenty years. I found this one amusing. See what you think:

A work friend wanted a reading; it was her first. I turned over the card representing the near future, and there he was, The Devil. This card can mean addiction, unhealthy relationships, and troubled life, but none of those things matched with what I knew about my friend. The Devil can also mean temptation, or “sex, drugs, and rock and roll,” but that didn’t make sense either. Finally, she told me that she was planning a road trip to Vegas with her sister. Suddenly, it all fit.

Learning to look at life through the eyes of a Witch was similar to that reading in a way. Just as I couldn’t see how The Devil card might relate to my colleague’s life, I couldn’t understand why magic or divination made sense. But, once I learned more about them and tried them on for size, they were a good fit after all.

All schools of magic and mysticism seem to share the idea that everything is connected, and separation is but an illusion. You can tear a photo, but not a hologram. A hologram can only be separated into new complete holograms. Long before they invented holograms, the Poet William Blake summed up the idea this way:

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an hour…”

-Auguries of Innocence

Divination works because every aspect of reality is contained in each of its components. Everything arises together from a common energetic core. The circumstances and events of our lives are connected, and every grain of sand represents the whole of creation.

If you have questions about a relationship or communication issues, career, and finances, health, or any other concern, give it a try. You might be very surprised at how precisely the cards can advise you.