Finn, Me, and Krystal at Taste of India


Old people tell you that life just keeps going faster and faster. Mine is like a nature documentary where the sun comes up, travels through its arc in a matter of seconds, only to be replaced by the moon, as the sky fades to night-black. 

Kinda cool, actually. Opportunities for new beginnings are only ever a few breaths away. Of course, we can create renaissance in every moment, but a dawning day is an excellent reminder.


Today is Tuesday,, February 21. My birthday is exactly one month from now. I will be 76. 

Impossible, you say? Yeah, I say so too! LOLOLOL.  My party is on Saturday before, the 18. I think everyone receiving this got an invitation. If you got yours and have already responded, you can skip the next paragraph.

Invitations were sent via e-mail. Note, some people found theirs in spam. I also posted a FaceBook Event. it’s going to be a house concert. I’m singing, and Trevor, my eldest boy, is doing the tech for accompaniment, lighting, etc. (It was his idea, and his Christmas gift to me). The RSVP list is full, but there are always cancellations at the last minute, so LMK if you’re Jonesin’ to attend.


On Saturday, January 21, I travelled up the 101. How lucky am I, to have this beautiful trek as a regular part of my life? S. Krystal, her son Finn, and I met at Taste of India for a delicious lunch and a belated Yule/Christmas gift exchange.

In case you can’t tell from the picture above, these two are a ton of fun to hang out with. The mild weather and excellent food made our patio meal an absolute delight. Then it was time to continue northward.


On January 24 I accompanied my youngest son, Robynne, to San Francisco for gender affirming top surgery. What an odyssey. All the excitement and anxiety of being in the city—parking, the prices, the emotions that come with accompanying a loved one through any major medical procedure, the unique thoughts and feelings associated with gender reassignment. 

We were brave, awesome, and up for all the joys, little hassles, and big challenges. Everything went well. Returned to Robynne’s on Wednesday the 25th as planned. 


I got to hang out with Rachel H. and Cristina on Friday night. They had never met, but hit it off immediately, and the three of us had the combined energy of a fireball. Love you, sisters!

By Saturday we agreed that it would be fine for me to attend a ceremony in the redwoods with part of my spiritual family, Magnificent!! There were visions and…a warning?


Then I came home, missed the bottom step walking down the stairs in the dark, and sprained my ankle. Badly. Which delayed my homecoming by a week and a half. Now, don’t go feeling bad for me. I’m a tough bird when it comes to pain or changes in plans. 

There was only one sad part for me. My purpose was to care for my son, and instead, I was having him wait on me! Very humbling. I’m SO grateful that it didn’t happen until he was healed enough to be able to bring me food! 


To all of the friends with whose help I got by, it takes a tribe. Thank you SO MUCH. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Karen, who brought me crutches, drove me to emergency, and waited with me the whole time.  Suil, who arranged to have all sorts of healing stuff sent over even before she was able to visit—ultrasound device, epsom salts, homemade salve, even a hanging with the image of Guadalupe. Donna, who graciously offered to do all those humble tasks you hate to ask for help with. Others who came to visit— Terra, Chris, and Marilyn. I hope I didn’t forget anyone, and I hope you know how much I cherish the time we spent together. 


Drove myself home with no trouble on Friday, Feb. 10. Last Tuesday, I went to my friend Darcey’s house to rehearse. She’s singing along with me on one of the songs for my party. Thanks, Darcey! 

The car sounded awful on the way home, and sure enough, one exit before mine, I knew I had to get off the freeway. Made it to the top of the ramp, and then my beloved Versa died. Blown engine. Rest in peace, dear companion, and thanks for all the miles safely travelled.

“All rise and fall to fade away, the nature of phenomenon.” A comforting line from The Heart Sutra. 

So here I am. Healing. Learning. Filled with peace and joy, sending you love.

How are you?

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