Dark Moon Mysteries
Magical Mysteries by the Dark of the Moon

My grandparents on both sides were farmers. I grew up hearing the old tried-and-true advice that my Christian forebears swore by–for a good harvest, plant by the dark of the moon.
When I became a Witch, my HPS Neta taught me to meditate and not to do magic on the dark of the moon. Then my Feri oath mother held a large, public dark moon ritual in honor of her mentor who had crossed over, and did a seed-planting ceremony. Later, another friend introduced me to the practices of cleaning your personal altar and working with chthonic deities at that time.
I find it timely on this dark moon to post some excerpts from my book, WITCHCRAFT, POWER, AND TRANSFORMATION, A MAGICAL MYSTERY SCHOOL FOR THE 21ST CENTURY. Working with the courses of nature is central to our Craft. But I want to start with the first paragraph from Chapter One where I explain why my book teaches you how to design your own spells instead of giving you spell recipes.
The Craft training in this book compares to the instruction you would get in order to become a master chef. If this were a culinary institute instead of a magical mystery school, and you came to study with me, I wouldn’t hand you a cookbook and tell you to follow recipes. I would teach you the basics of food preparation so that you could fully develop your cooking talents.”
Spells you create are always more powerful than the ones you imitate based on something you read. My book contains everything you need to know in order to start creating effective spells and much, much more. The end of this blog will give you an overview of the topics covered.
Now, for this dark moon, here are some words from my chapter on lunar esbats:
“The Farmer’s Almanac says to plant by the dark of the moon. Green Witches (those who work with plants) also follow this advice. Imitative magic tells us that a good time to plant seeds is also a good time to plant metaphorical seeds, in other words, to do a spell for something new…
For our purposes, we might define manifestation as nudging the direction of an ongoing issue, whereas “seed planting” magic means bringing something new into your life.
Here are some examples: If you’ve been married to the same person for years but feel you need a little magical boost in your relationship, you would probably get better results by waiting until the moon is new—visible and waxing, unless it’s an emergency, in which case you could use the clock hands as described earlier.
However, if you’re single and you’ve met someone new, a spell for increasing love in your life would be the equivalent of planting a seed. Notice the wording of the intention, “increasing love in your life.” Don’t do “love spells” to manifest a relationship with a specific person. Infatuation can distort judgement, and violating the free will of another person has dire consequences. Leave the details to the Goddess.
Say you’ve been struggling with a health-related problem and want to add some oomph to your healing. This is an ongoing issue, not something new, so the dark moon would not be the best time. On the other hand, suppose you’ve just received a frightening diagnosis about yourself or a loved one. You could plant seeds for health and well-being, or you could cast a spell for banishing disease, at the dark of the moon.
Chthonic, or underworld, magic also works well at this time. Dark gods and goddesses, spirits of the dead, and many races of beings dwell there. Working with the netherworld offers a source of power not accessible elsewhere, but I recommend developing some magical skills first.
When you do underworld magic you open a portal between this plane and the realms of twilight and darkness. Some beings who want to cross this threshold may not be benevolent. In addition to strong shielding and protection, you need to be able to cast and seal a solid circle so unwanted entities can’t get through. When in doubt simply clean your altar and meditate when the moon is dark. It’s always a good use of your time, and you can’t go wrong.”

You can find the book by clicking the ‘Books’ tab on my website and click on the image, or copy/paste the long link below. (NOTE: Free Preview button isn’t working at the moment. Sorry. Some issues with Amazon.)

Please feel free to comment or email me at janusblume@gmail.com if you have any questions or anything else you want to communicate to me, and blessed be the new moon.

Here are some of the many topics covered in the book:

  • What is Witchcraft?
  • Pagan History
  • Foundations of Magic (What types are there? What makes them work?)
  • Altars
  • The 5 Elements
  • Tools
  • Flowing with the Tides of Time
  • The Wheel of the Year and Witches’ Sabbats
  • The Esbats and Phases of the Moon
  • Allies and Helpers (From Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral Kingdoms. Familiars, Stones, Herbs, and assorted practical stuff)
  • You Are Your Magic (How to design a spell)
  • Divination
  • Appendices:
    • The Charge of the Goddess
    • How to Take a Spiritual Bath
    • History of the Tarot
    • Sample Sigils
    • How to Create your Own Liturgy

Tables:1–Elemental Correspondences, 2 & 3 Basic Tarot Meanings, 4–Cleansing Methods, 5–Full Moon Names, 6–Magical Timing by Lunar Phases, 7–Magical Timing by Days of the Week, 8–Eight Herbs and their Uses, 9–Thirteen Stones and their Traditional Uses and Correlations, 10–Elder Futhark Runes and Possible Meanings, 11–Color Correspondence.
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