Diva Drop #1
March 8, 2021

Big news from Janus, your spiritual diva. I got my second vaccine!! As I write this, I have no idea how the second dose will affect me, but I know this: either it will be as easy as the first or not. If it’s not, I’ll get through it–none the worse for wear and knowing that in a couple of weeks I’ll be huggable again.

Soon we’ll be looking at the pandemic in the rear-view mirror. From the beauty of the present moment, life, though punctuated with sad news here and there, looks phenomenal. On a public level, it feels as if awareness continues to grow as current events cast spot lights on opposing points of view. I found out one friend is in the hospital, and we lost another unexpectedly due to a sudden heart attack. Someone said his death was linked to the COVID vax. His significant other says it wasn’t. Well, that’s today’s social climate, isn’t it? One person says something and another says the opposite. The beat goes on.

I’m learning to live with the sad fact that many of the people I love and admire believe in suppositions which seem absurd, even harmful, to me. Now is the time to practice radical acceptance. Human minds are susceptible to confirmation bias, and I’m no exception. I have to admit that I don’t know everything or have all the answers.

“But…but…” my mind screams.

Certain facts add up logically and make sense to me. So far, I see no credible evidence to the contrary. I trust my judgements and perceptions and live as I have lived for the last 50 plus years. As the line in the old Pagan song says, “My skin, my bones, my heretic heart are my authority.”

The arm where I got my injection just gave a twinge. Nothing else yet.

I’ve got big plans cooking in my head. Regular Diva Drops for sharing my life with you. A book and self-help course called “The Key of Life” emphasizing the double meaning of key as both the home-tone of a musical piece and the bit of hardware that opens a door. It’s all about harmonizing with life, floating downstream instead of fighting the current, and personal freedom through mindful living.


2021 is shaping up. My arm quit hurting. And scene.

Until next time,